Michigan Programmatic Search Test

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I am currently taking a Digital Marketing class at University of Michigan-Dearborn. We are given a project for the semester with the goal of ranking on the first page of Google search for two target keywords which were chosen by the class. The two keywords that we are using are:

  • Best Digital Marketing Courses 2016
  • Michigan Programmatic Search Test

In Marketing 363 we are learning how to to use SEO, Google keywords, Google Adwords, Google page rank and how to build inbound and outbound links. Before this class I did not know much about how to build a website let alone how to build backlink’s which are vital to a success website. After getting a sneak peek at what digital marketing is I wanted to research more into it. I started to research ways on how digital marketing can be automated. I looked into Michigan Programmatic Search Test and realized that there is a lot of data that needs to be analyzed by companies in order to find out who they should be targeting and how to optimize their SEO for their company.

It is becoming difficult for businesses to target their customer so that is why a lot of them are looking into programmatic advertising. Programmatic Search Test has just recently surfaced the digital marketing world and there is still glitches and people are worried if it will work for them.

I have done my own research and gathered some valuable information to provide you with from some great site. I will provide below a list of 10 things you want to know if you are one of the people who are worried about how programmatic advertising may work for your company:

  1. Programmatic buying is growing rather quickly, that points to how well automation is working.
  2. People think it is mostly for direct response but has become more than that in the sense of it having the knowledge to follow that consumer in the different platforms they use.
  3. Programmatic buying is all about the data. It will be able to tell a company when they need to be running their ad more frequently broken down into geographic areas and even the time of day they would get the most traffic.
  4. Marketing department in companies do not have a simple job to fulfill and they are using programmatic ad  buying more and more to make their goals more achievable by narrowing now on the specifics.
  5. Many pages/ads display very well on a desktop but when it comes to users trying to view it on their mobile device it looks like a shrunk ad where you cannot read anything.
  6. The way social networks are getting their ads out there other than their own platform advertising is they are reaching out to programmatic ad tech companies. These companies have a way of figuring out what their consumers really want by following them to different platforms.
  7. With technology evolving more than ever fraud has been and continues to be a worry. The buyer is really not sure if the ads they are seeing for a company are the true ads and reaching the intended audience.
  8. Programmatic technology companies are now many. Programmatic search test is not a foreign concept to many people anymore. So these major companies are serving the market well and no need for additional programmatic technology companies are no longer needed.
  9. Programmatic channels are not only used for banner ads by brands. Companies are moving all their display-ad spending to these channels.
  10. Programmatic buying is not just a bunch of data but it an be very insightful. It also allows the buyers to purchase ads that are the most popular with others based on views.

When I found these 10 points I was glad because I was lost as to what Michigan Programmatic Search Test really was all about. If you would like more depth on the following points click here.

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