Michigan Programmatic Search Test


Programmatic testing is no longer the newbie in the advertising world. More and more companies are using programmatic advertising in order to insure they are staying up to date with all the new technology. Programmatic advertising allows companies to view how the readers are reacting to their material from different platforms. Programmatic advertising has come a long way recently and is allowing the user to access much more.

As a marketer your goal is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. This can be difficult to do for some consumers because the digital media patterns shift and there are new devices and technologies emerging that are fragmenting the market. Programmatic advertising allows a marketer to follow the interest of the consumer and target their ads to the different media sources that the consumer uses. Programmatic advertising  eliminates the issue that advertisers have when they are targeting an audience. Advertiser have so many components of the whole picture that they need to adjust yet while they fix one component the other one is off. The unstable components limit the effectiveness of an advertiser because the ad will show at an inappropriate time and irrelevant at the time. Even if one aspect of the ad is off it will make the whole ad unpleasant to the eye.

All ads should be tested before the go live and cost thousands of dollars. The ad should be inspected for message content, feel, and look but also focus on the viewability on different devices. With programmatic this is made easier because it allows the use of automation.

Although programmatic search test can make a marketers life easier it has shown to be difficult to grasp for most marketers. Some marketers know about programmatic advertising but do not understand all the nuts and bolts of it or they might have never heard of it before. The ones that do know about it have quickly realized that it is a valuable way to reach potential customers. Marketers who get on-board with programmatic search test will have an advantage over their competitors.

After all, as a marketer you looking to get the right message to the right person at the right time!

Take a look at my other blog on Michigan Programmatic Search Test to get a deeper look at what it is all about!

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