Being a part of this great organization on campus is an experience I won’t forget. The memories that you build with your AMA family are ones you will forever cherish. Here is story of my time as a member of AMA UMD!

I transferred to University of Michigan-Dearborn in the Winter 2014 semester. Soon I came to hear about the American Marketing Association but was afraid to join because I could not commit to extensive hours. I thought that AMA UMD was like most of the other organizations where you are required to put in a certain amount of hours volunteering in the community. I was taking five classes and working so I never approached the president or went to any of the meetings. Now I realize that was a big mistake on my part because if I would have reached out to any of the eboard members or attended a meeting I would have found out that this was exactly what I wanted to be apart of.

I joined AMA UMD a year ago and it is the best decision I have made at during my time at U of M-Dearborn. AMA UMD has allowed me to grow as a person and become more marketable. All majors are welcome to be apart of the organization so this allows for a cross collaboration between different background and perspectives. AMA UMD takes a trip to Chicago every year to visit well known companies to expose their members to the Digital Marketing Ad Agencies.

This year I was able to go to Chicago with AMA UMD and it was an eye opening experience. We visited three amazing companies.

  1. Leo Burnett
  2. Havas
  3. Slack and Company

Leo Burnett– What an amazing company doing some great work around the world. The company was founded in 1935. Today the company has 85 offices around the world and 9,000+ employees. The company has many major clients all over the world. The people at the company like seeing themselves as not fitting in and they are comfortable with that because it allows for creative to surface.

Havas– Is an interesting company to say the least. They are amazing at what they do. The have talented people working for the company so they expect nothing less from their interns. The internship program with Havas put interns through a month long boot camp to see who succeed. The individuals who successfully complete the boot camp get considered for the internship.

Slack & Company– Never would I have thought that we would get to meet the owner himself! As we arrived he was walking casually through the office and warmly welcomed us inside of his company. Gary Slack’s title is Chief Experience Officer and his front desk clerk’s title is Director of First Impressions. This is one way that he makes his company relax and people who work there love their job.

This trip was one of my favorite memories of AMA UMD. AMA UMD hosted multiple events to help their members and fellow colleagues network with industry leaders.

AMA UMD is an organization that will allow you the flexibility to attend or get involved in as many events as you wish. You get out what you put in! I attended and helped with most events and was recognized as the person most likely to be at any AMA UMD event.

I encourage you to give AMA UMD a try. You will see that you will fall in love with the organizations. At AMA UMD you will build a family that you will have for many years to come! Check out AMA UMD’s website here if you are interested in joining!

Be AMAzing!

Thanks 🙂


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