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I don’t know if you all are familiar with Google AdWords but for me it was the first time hearing about it when I started my Digital Marketing class at University of Michigan- Dearborn. Just a few weeks into the class and we were going through the keyword planner tool offered by Google AdWords. The keyword planner is a tool that is used to help businesses build a keyword list that will get the best results for the product or service that they are offering. This tool will give you an option to build your keyword list for specific locations and it should be noted that the result do vary between countries so you have to be careful when building your keyword list that you are under the location that you want your keywords to be related to. Another option that keyword planner offers you is the option to view only closely related ideas to your search terms or you can selected the option to view broadly related ideas (this is the option that is recommended to be used).

In my first few weeks of class we were given a Keyword Planner project that required us to build a keyword list for the whole line of products offered by Samsung in the United States and United Kingdom. This was not an easy task! With over 60+ products offered just in the United States and over 30+ products offered in United Kingdom it took quite some time to built a keyword list for each of the products with a few differentiation for each. The keyword lists for the two different markets differed quite a bit  for example in the United States someone searching for a phone would search something along the line of the keyword ‘cellphone’ whereas in United Kingdom someone doing the same search would search instead for the keyword ‘mobile phone’.

Shifting gears to other services Google AdWords offers. Google AdWords offers a service that will allow you to identify keywords that you want to bid on. In addition you will be able to determine how much you want to spend and you can create groups of keywords that would be pared with your ads. Google will determine which ad is shown and where based on two key factors: your maximum bid and your quality score which equals to ad rank!

Google AdWords offers a lot of services and I would truly encourage all of you to go and explore these services so that you are more aware. These will allow you to be much more prepared for your career or allow you to be informed about the services so that you can apply it to your work.

For MKT 363 we went through the Google AdWords services. As we come to a close for the semester we are given the opportunity to become Google AdWords certified. In order to become certified you must take the AdWords Fundamentals exam and one of the other exams offered which are Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Shopping Advertising, and Mobile Advertising.  To pass the exams you need to score an 80%. But imagine how nice it will feel putting on your resume and LinkedIn profile that  you are Google AdWords certified! To learn more about getting Google AdWords certified click here.

Hope this post has helped you understand a snippet of what Google AdWords is about and what it offers!

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