2016 Graduating Class


As we come to a wrap for the Winter 2016 semester I would like to reflect back on some of the courses that have had a big impact on my experience. I transferred to U of M-Dearborn during the Winter 2014 semester and have had many classes that have made on impact. One of the classes is Marketing 363 which is the class I am currently taking and writing this blog for.

I came into this class not knowing anything about Digital Marketing and in hopes that this class would teach me information that would be valuable. I look at every class in the perspective of how am I going to transfer this knowledge to the workplace and implement it in my career. I quickly came to see the importance of having knowledge in Digital Marketing given that almost all companies are transitioning to doing more with technology. The traditional marketing function in companies has recently change drastically to incorporate more of a digital presence in the market. This is just one example of how digital marketing is effecting companies throughout the world. Within a few weeks of being in the MKT 363 class I noticed myself researching more about a Digital Marketing degree. Based on my research I put together a list of the best digital marketing  courses 2016 which you can find on my blog or click here to access directly.  Looking into a degree that has not been offered in the past can be overwhelming since there isn’t as much research or feedback out there. I wrote a blog on Best digital marketing courses 2016 and offered my advice to those just starting out in the Digital Marketing field.

I hope all of you who have read my blogs have found them helpful! I am glad to have taken this class because I have learned a lot about SEO. I am graduating in a week and could honestly say that my time at University of Michigan-Dearborn has been full of interesting classes that I have gain a lot of knowledge from.

I am going to be applying all the things I learned in the workplace and that is a nice feeling.

Thank you! 🙂


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